General Info:

A great little (20 acre} 10 miles/15 min from Joseph.  It is much easier to fly fish from the shore, and is more fertile than Wallowa Lake.  Although it is privately owned, the public is allowed to fish from shore or from small water craft (there is no boat launch - you must drag your water craft a short distance to the lake).  THANK YOU TRIPLE CREEK RANCH FOR LETTING US FISH!

ODFW manages the fishery.  In 2015 they poisoned the lake in order to kill the "bullheads" who were competing with the trout.  They then stocked the lake with fast growing "triploid" trout - in order to turn it into a "trophy" trout fishery.  So far so good!  This early spring and summer produced some nice 16" - 20" trout.

The only problem was some heavy algea growth in August that colored the water.  By September fishing remained good despite the algea.  Keep in touch to find out how big the fish are next year.  For the Wallowa Valley this little lake offers a great opportunity to flex your rod while the rivers are too high to fish.  Kinney Lake is open year around.


Kinney Lake Fishing Reports

8/30/19: Very mossy, even for float tubes. Check it in the Spring.

8/16/19: Low, warm and mossy. Need a report from someone trolling the deeper middle portion.

7/29/19: The lake is starting to show a lot of algae, so at some point soon it may become too warm to fish.

7/10/19: Still fishing fair to good from the shore - perhaps bigger fish from floatation devices in the middle. Cloudy days and evenings offer good dry fly action - if the wind is not blowing.

6/24/19: Still fishing great. What a beautiful 25 acre lake 15 minutes from Joseph. Flyfish from the bank, or tube/etc (no motor boats).

06/01/19: Kinney has been fishing great in May - if the wind isn’t blowing. Dry and wet: midges, small mayflies, emergers (soft hackles), woolly buggers stripped with trailers, and prince nymphs under strike indicators.

10/10/18: Guess what? Kinney Lake water levels are up once again and the lake was stocked last week. I don’t think anybody know this.

9/1/18:  Large fish kill this summer.  ODFW will restock later this fall - for ice fishing season.

7/26/18:  We hope the lake avoids fish kills until cooler fall temps.

6/29/18:  ALERT.  We just had a report that the great fishing this spring has stopped due to heavy algae.  I will try to check it out in the next few days.

6/6/18:  Some unbelievable fishing this spring - at times.  Reports of 100 fish days from small boats, and 50 fish days from the bank - at times.  Use streamers with a small trailer, or chironomids under strike indicators 5'-10', or emerger patterns - soft hackles or sz 12 pheasant tails, etc., or a variety of dries - parachute adams, goddard caddis or sz 18 royal wulffs.  Dry fly fishing has been good in the leeward side of the lake.  However, some of the rises you see will be dorsal fins from fish feeding on emergers.  In any event, if fish are feeding actively, have fun and just try some of your favorite patterns.